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Originally from the Arcachon basin, Beatoa returned to his geographical sources after many peregrinations and slices of life in various countries. Beatoa is a Graphic Artist playing with pop art elements, colours and harmony. Born in the south of France and raised with the sand and the ocean, nature has always been a core part of her life and not just a lifestyle choice. 
Her visual language marries this strong energy with peace and pop imagery. 
Having been in places such as Switzerland, Canada, California, United Kingdom, Nederland, Florida, Japan and Tahiti has influenced many aspects of the work on display and is now labelled the “Pop Surf Style”.
A mix of a colourful beauty and a giant wave surfing with you.  

△ △ △   Soyons Aventuriers   △ △ △
Née dans le sud-ouest de la France au bord de l'océan, Beatoa a toujours perçu la nature comme une inspiration, un mode de vie.
Dès ses débuts, l'amour de la vie est au cœur de ses réalisations. Comme un hommage, elle réinvente cette force positive qui nous entoure. Beatoa marie les univers, s'amuse avec nos références culturelles et leur donne une nouvelle vie. 

Ayant été ces dix dernières années dans une grande variété de pays comme en Suisse, Canada, Californie, Royaume-Uni, Pays-Bas, Floride, Japon et Tahiti c'est à chaque fois cette énergie qui transparait dans ses créations et qui a donné naissance au "Pop Surf Style".
Vous invitant à la suivre pour surfer dans son univers, l’artiste est parvenue à mixer la qualité d’un dessin précis à la force d’une vague océane.
Ses peintures et murales sont généreuses, réalisées à l’aide de multiples techniques comme la bombe, acrylique, sérigraphie, encres et médiums… le tout s'harmonisant en un style esthétique moderne et abondamment coloré.   

△^   EVENTS   △^

❍ ❍ ❍   ASIA   ❍ ❍ ❍

- JAPAN - 日本
• Awagami ///  Tokushima 徳島市
International Miniature Print Exhibition. More than 150 silk-screen printers artists from all around the world working on artisanal homemade washipaper from awagami factory.本展覧会を通じて、日本の伝統文化に根ざす手漉き和紙のグローバル化を図るとともに、アーティストの発表の機会を設けることにより版表現のさらなる普及の一助になることを期待しています。
@awagamifactory   www.awagami.com  
Oct 2017​​​​​​​  

• Gallery 201 /// Tokyo 品川区 4月
Solo Exhibition, in the city center of Tokyo, Gotanda 五反田 exhibition of paintings and screenprints Unstoppable Love. 
イギリス在住のフランス人アーティスト、ベア トア のシルクスクリーンとアクリル画の展示です。暖かい週末にぴったりな春らしいカラフルなベアさんの作品がギャラリーに並びました
www.gallery201.jimdo.com/exhibitions​​​​​​​   April 2016

❍ ❍ ❍    EUROPE   ❍ ❍ ❍  

Ink Spot Press  ///  Permanent exhibition, Group exhibition, www.inkspotpress.co.uk  Apr 2017 to Present 

The Claremont  ///  Group exhibition, www.theclaremont.eu April 2017 to 2018

Brighton Print Fair by TUTTON & YOUNG LTD 
Group exhibition, www.brightonartfair.co.uk Sep 2017
International Women's Day
Group exhibition at Brush Gallery  ///  Brighton. In honour of International Women's Day 2017 a specially selected group of artists pay homage to the ultimate feminist icon, Frida Kahlo.   www.brushbrighton.co.uk 
March 2017

Indie-Mart  ///  Brighton.  Permanent exhibition, Feb 2016 to 2017

Femme Fierce  ///  London

The World's Largest All Female Graffiti Street Art Festival.
For the 3rd consecutive year, Femme Fierce take over Leake Street tunnel for another epic paint jam on International women's weekend. 150 Female Graffiti artists at Waterloo, London. All Girl Takeover. @FemmeFierceEvents,
May 2016
Art Forty 7 ///  Betty's Friends  ///  AOH. Artists Open Houses, April to Jun 2016
Women's Day  ///  Cardiff
Paint Jam Art Festival. More than 30 Graffiti artists working together to paint Cardiff's stadium around the topic
March 2016

World Cetacean Alliance  ///  West Sussex  
Part of "UNTANGLE THE SEA" a collaboration between the World Cetacean Alliance and artists to help raise awareness & funds for the WCAs Global Programmes to protect Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins!   http://worldcetaceanalliance.org,
Jan 2016
Festiv_Alt  ///  Pop-Up Brighton, www.popupbrighton.com, Dec 2015

Pop-Up Brighton  ///  Eastbourne.  www.popupbrighton.com, July 2015

Galerie Lagrange  ///  Cap Ferret
Pop Art and Street Art gallery at Cap Ferret.  www.galerielagrange.fr  159 route du Cap Ferret
May 2020 to Present

Galerie Topanga  ///  Gallery & Events
Group exhibition. Ovean artists represented under Topanga team. Surfers, artsits, photographers, Ocean Lovers.

April 2018 to Present

Street Art With Love  ///  Paris
Les univers des artistes de la Street Family déclinés sur des carrés de soie. www.carredamour.com
from July 2016 to Present

Join Family Drugstore  ///  Online Street Art Gallery  ///  Paris
A crew of 17 graffiti artists put together. Customization of walls and art objects. www.familydrugstore.fr
July 2015 to Present

Health Center  ///  La Teste-de-Buch
Creation Mural to the entrance of the building Centre de Soins l' Etoile. www.osteopathe-arcachon.com 
November 2019

Longboard Pro Am  ///  Montalivet
Longboard competition, Exhibition Surf Art on the beach 
September 2019

Brasserie Mira  ///  La Teste-de-Buch
Art Week, 5 Street Artists painting murals 
July 2019

Vagabonde Festival  ///  Bordeaux
ART & OCEAN FESTIVAL 5th Edition! Live Painting + group exhibition, more than 40 artists coming together:
Graffiti artists, photographers, sculptors, all together at Cours Marbly.
Art & Culture - Surf & Ocean - Short Movies - Live Music,   www.festivalvagabonde.fr
30 May to 2 June 2019
Maison du Surf  ///  Biscarosse Plage
Serigraphy exhibition at la Vigie 
May to Summer 2019

Boesner  ///  Bordeaux
Demonstrations, Live Painting at Galerie Tatry:
Jan, Apr, May 2019
Solo exhibition at Galerie Tatry, 170 Cours du Medoc.  www.boesner.fr Feb 2019

Workshop, atelier Pop Art Super Flat: March 2019

La Grande Poste  ///  Bordeaux
Live Drawing on stage with the amazing band Franck & Damien, acoustic folk rock.  
Nov 2018

Cokotte  ///  Angoulême
Big graffiti mural for the opening of the new restaurant. Wall painting made in collaboration with Fish&Geek agency.
Oct 2018

Brasserie Mira  ///  La Teste-de-Buch
Octobre Rose group exhibition.   www.brasseriemira.fr
October 2018

Vagabonde Festival  ///  Bordeaux
ART & OCEAN FESTIVAL 4th Edition! Live painting + group exhibition, more than 10 artists coming together, Graffiti artists, photographers, with 2 exhibitions at the same time: Cours Marbly + Jardins Brasserie PIP,
Art & Culture - Surf & Ocean - Short Movies - Live Music,   www.festivalvagabonde.fr
Sep 2018

Boesner  ///  Bordeaux
Galerie Tatry. Festival Vagabonde presentation, live painting,  introduction talk, group exhibition.
Sep 2018

La Grande Poste  ///  Bordeaux.  Palais Gallien, Silkcreen print exhibition Sep-Oct 2018

Promenade des Arts  ///  Arcachon, Pyla, Moulleau
Group exhibition on the seafront, painting looking at the sea.
July-Aug 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

L'expo des voisines  ///  Pyla July 2017

Le Huffington Post  ///  Paris
Mural at Le Huffington Post for their new office. Graffiti wall asked by Anne Sinclair, work made in association
with Family Drugstore. (Street Art online gallery) www.huffingtonpost.fr May 2016
Galerie Pierre-Jacques  ///  La Teste-de-Buch, Permanent exhibition 2009 - 2014


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